Amazed how a killer disease can be defeated.
Shocked by why it has not already been done.
Jolted by the bombshell of millions of lives & dollars wasted.

Allow me to tell you the story, the short version, of learning about Malaria, and becaming involved in bringing forth a cure. Nearly everyone knows that certain mosquitos carry the killer parasite that is causing an epidemic more than 100 countries worldwide including most of Africa. But unknown to the public, this disease is perpetuated by other kinds of parasites that feed upon the innocent.

Having made numerous mission trips into Maasai Land, Kenya, I had heard some about how Malaria affected people there. Traveling mostly in the remote bush country I had not actually seen the problem. Kenya was not listed among the countries with an epidemic. It was not until I visited a large hospital in Nairobi that I really became aware.

There were 3 to 5 people to a single bed. Below the high level windows, crowds of sick people could be seen lying in the fields surrounding the hospital; they were waiting to be admitted being the fortunate ones who could offer to pay in advance for treatment. The vast majority of the patents and the crowd outside was afflicted with Malaria.

Next, a high official of another country told me that Malaria had debilitated 40% of their military. And so on...

Through contacts and computer research I found information about an herbal cure, and I went to Asia myself to investigate. There was confirmation and helpfulness even more than I had hoped. It was true that a simple herbal tea had been controlling Malaria there for nearly two millenniums. I was amazed that something so simple, costing about 1 dime per person (easily adaptable to primitive cultures) could eliminate the suffering of millions upon millions of people.

This proven cure and preventative had surely just been overlooked. Just bring the herb and proof of its effectiveness to the attention of health officials in Africa, and great progress could be made. The first African Minister of Health was easy to find; he lives in Texas with the people he was to care for 10,000 miles away. I went on to African to explain to officials how Malaria could be defeated with an herbal tea. I was shocked at their response.

After listening to my presentation, they all asked essentially the same question, "How can we make money on this?" I was jolted from my naivety about the billions of dollars these governments and pharmaceutical companies were receiving in the name of Malaria - as long as there was no cure.

Putting things in perspective, imagine 200 million Americans (that would be more than half the population) devastatingly sick, resulting in 1 child dying every 30 seconds - 3,000 each day. Now consider the price of the cure represents half a year's wages for the average person. What if the active ingredient in this high priced pharmaceutical pill was available in a simple tea form? Moreover, the tea that would both cure and prevent this disease costs about 10 cents per person.

I have actually grown the herb at my home in Tennesse and in the bush of Kenya. Results were excellent but on a very small scale.

Finally, I came to the end of what I was financially able to do. Attempts for grants, getting attention of philantrophist and such have been to no avail. However, my Christian conscience, that knows of the suffering and knows a solution, cannot be silent.

So, let us get past the mosquitos, governments, and big pharma and do something at the grassroots level. Working together, your dime may save an infant child, a grandmother or working parent. I believe each dime given will defeat Malaria - one person at a time.

Leonard Heatherly

Director of Trust Management Services for 21 years
Consultant in Finance, Engineering & Marketing
Mission Work with Maasai since 2002
Author of "The New Sound: Call to GLORY"
QA Supervisor for IBM with Saturn/Apollo Missions
Researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Engineering Science Degree - University of Tennessee

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