Level 1
Church Awakens to Only Two Paradigms

Learning to Empower Prayer

Bold Adventure On the Wind of Glory

Great Blessings Hidden in Financial Madness

10 Cent Tea to Prevent and Cure Malaria

Spirit Led Maasai Warrior

Agreeing with the Intent of God

Revival to Usher in the Kingdom of God


The world is not running to Christianity because there is little observable difference from the good intention of unbelievers. Church-goers are stifled in mediocrity, being led by their experience and reasoning (not the Spirit of God) with little awareness of their destiny (God's plan for their life). Notwithstanding, Believers, called to His purpose, are to prepare themselves as warriors in the Kingdom on earth.

Those who thirst for more will find Level 1 webpages speaking to them, and challenging them to be open to thinking outside the box. Having soaked up the first level, Level 2 assists Seekers in establishing a greater, more personal relationship with the fullness of God. Subsequently, Level 3 helps usher Kingdom Warriors to their place in the field.

loose from pride & evil
hear/see what God is doing
find place in the field

find out how

Scribe for Find Out How

Leonard Heatherly
Christian Writer, Missionary Evangelist
& Business Development Consultant

Director of Trust Management Services for 21 years
Consultant in Finance, Engineering & Marketing
Missionary to Maasai in Eastern Africa for 10 years
Author of "The New Sound: Call to GLORY"
Former International Missions Bishop
QA Supervisor for IBM with Saturn/Apollo Missions
Researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Engineering Science Degree - University of Tennessee

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