Why do I shout GLORY? "The struggles of health, finance and relationships in our lives today are insignificant when compared with the GLORY that God has prepared for us in His Kingdom on earth. Let us rejoice and focus upon fulfilling the opportunity that He has placed in our time. For all the resources of the earth (creation) eagerly and earnestly wait in expectation for the sons of God to take their place in the field."
An Interpretation of Romans 8:18-19
Dispensation of Provision

The term, dispensational, is usually applied to Biblical history as divided by God into defined periods or ages to each of which God has allotted distinctive principles.

However "Dispensational Provision" is used herein to describe distinct levels of provision. As Seekers rise in awareness of upward grace, the level of resources available to them are increased.

If a diamond is beneath a property, know that resource was placed there at the time of re-creation to wait for a grace driven son of God to find it. Unfortunately, the ruler of this world often steals the provision.

to be continued

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