1 Dime's Difference IS A LIFE!

1 Child Dies Every 30 Second

According to health organizations, more than 200,000,000 Africans currently suffer from Malaria. The children are the hardest hit with untreated fever spikes that are often fatal. Thus Malaria takes the lives of an estimated 3,000 children per day, averaging 1 child dying every thirty seconds.

Cure Costs 1 Dime per Person

Millions upon millions of dollars have been spent for decades trying to develop a system to reduce the devastation of Malaria. These efforts have produced an effective drug called "Coartem". However it is only affordable to the financially elite, leaving out the mass of poverty stricken people of Africa. The project proposed herein is to facilitate a simple, effective cure at a cost of 1 dime per person.

Preventative and Cure

The pharmaceutical companies skipped over an Asian herbal tea that was proven effective in the treatment of this disease. That simple tea was an advantage of the North Vietnamese soldiers had during the war in not contracting Malaria. It is currently being successfully used in throughout the South China Sea region. Furthermore, there is documentation as a preventative and cure going back 1,700 years.

1st Farm to Restore a Million Lives

This website is the domain for a humanitarian endeavor to defeat Malaria. This project will start with a single farm, building it into an agricultural industry in Africa, and eventually becoming a household plant throughout the continent. $100,000 in funding will establish the first farm in Eastern Africa - to raise the tea & distributed it free to the poor through churches. This initial project is expected to restore a million lives each year, and become the example to be duplicated all over Africa.


Amazed how a killer disease can be defeated.
Shocked by why it has not already been done.
Jolted by the bombshell of millions of lives & dollars wasted.

Every 30 Seconds