There's second universe superimposed over our lives that makes up the spirit realm. While its mysteries are hidden from the eye, the effects are seen everywhere. It is in this realm that God has created for us a spiritual venture. The venture is liken to the wind powering the voyage of a tall ship to its destiny. The Holy Spirit is the guide, but free will is at the helm.

Wind: Intention of God
While our finite minds cannnot fully comprehend the intent of God, we are encouraged to reach up for as much as we can grasp. Mindful that no matter the headway, we have just begun with a limitlessness God.

Tall Ship: Kingdom Seeker
Having been redeemed from sin and sealed in spirit,we seek the fullness of being "in Christ" to become warriors and participants in God's glory.

Dove: The Holy Spirit
All Believers have the Holy Spirit available to them, but those who are led by the Spirit are sons of God, Warriors in the Kingdom on earth. This Spirit will guide as aptly as we are prepared to receive.

Storm: Evil in the World
If Satan cannot destroy, he will settle for distraction. But, if on course to destiny, the stoms add to the venture and glory.

As the Captain of my ship, it is my responsibility to have a successful voyage. Foremost, I must carefully read the wind to be aware of a change in direction. A new tact may be required due to an impending storm or a mistake the helmsman has made. (Remember, God dynamically adjusts the prevailing wind based on our readiness and His vision of the future.) While the First Mate and Quarter Master are to be respected for their opinion, I should be ever attentive to the leading of the dove.

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