Have a SIP of Glory

    The rite of communion brings to remembrance of the breaking of the body and shedding of blood of Jesus that everyone's ransom from sin and death was paid. The ceremony with bread and wine symbolically establishes this foundation of Christianity that can be taken as a simple ritual celebrating redemption. Or, a continuous connection for an ever-deepening relationship thereby opens a universe of good.
    At the point of Salvation, the redeemed can sit, watch others live their faith and hope for an inheritance in heaven. Or, they can awake to the calling to their unique destiny in the Kingdom on earth. (It is a choice.) Inspired by witnesses, pure in heart, Believers may choose to be set free from evil and become strong in spirit. Having studied Rhema as well as Logos, and having grown in grace, Seekers are chosen as worthy to be Kingdom Warriors.
    As faith without works is dead, similarly the chosen are obliged to participate in establishing the Kingdom on earth. Forming a partnership with the Holy Spirit, these warriors are readied to sip the Glory on the battlefield whereupon good overcomes evil.

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