From His divine wisedom, God sends us bright ideas.

Just a few seconds of revelation
can change our life forever!

Man's knowledge is at best precarious and very limited.

Nevertheless, all Evangelicals(1) are offered super natural knowledge and empowerment through the Holy Spirit.

Preparing for God's Gifts
As we mature in Christ,(2) we can increasingly partnership our lives with the Holy Spirit. Notwithstanding our soul has free will, we can yet choose to share in God's wisedom and glory.

Greatest "Revelatory" Discovery of Christianity in 1984 Years
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Discerning Spirits

(1) Evangelicals (Baptist, Pentecostals & others) believe in the born again transformation. Wherein, Jesus was led by the Spirit, and that same Spirit is an inheritance in our Kingdom on earth.

(2) Living in the hope of glory, we reach for more by "Upward Grace." As a result, we develop a deeper, intimate relationship with God. Wherein, we find that all circumstances of our lives become connected, forming our partnership in Christ.