Light Overcomes Darkness

"God is light and in Him is no darkness at all."
"And, the light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness comprehended it not."
1 John1:5 & John 1:5

There are those who believe in darkness. Moreover, there are Believers who are overcome by darkness. They are so focused on pathology that they believe darkness is overtaking the light. So much so, theologies are being taught (in a fraction of Christian churches) that we should look for rapture (escape) from this world. They have judged the world and are reaping their own judgement.

God so loved the world that He sent His beloved Son not to condemn the world; He came and died that the world might be saved. It is sad indeed that this fundamental Scripture (John 3:16-17) has been diminished by the fear of evil.

Christians should be guarded that fear and flawed religion might build a wall of separation from light. Theologians (who intellectually speak as knowing the nature of God) have attempted to keep the enemy out of their religion. However, in actuality, they have walled out much of the light and fenced the enemy within.

By the laws of the universe, light never flees from darkness; darkness always flees from light. Why would anyone preach debilitating fear rather than good that overcomes evil? It is confusion that mixes Scriptures of the Second Coming with Judgement Day. Of course, there is a judgement coming, but that's many decades away.

If you have been blindly believing that it's time to catch the bus out of town, then ask yourself these three questions:

  • Has the Spirit been poured out on all flesh? I would estimate that the Spirit is functioning well in less than 2% of the population at this time.

  • Has there been a great harvest? No, there has been a great failure of the church to reach the lost.

  • Is "Thy Kingdom come; thy will be done on earth" a relevant prayer? It seems schizophrenic to pray this prayer while peeping between your figures, looking for the bus out of town.

Those who have discernment of the times, shall divorce themselves from the Land of Lack -i.e. free from strife, poverty and infirmity. For now is the time of the Kingdom Age.

Believers are hearing a call to Glory: for "Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth..." With vision of a glorious future, these Kingdom Warriors are taking their place in the field...

For an introduction to the warfare between the two Kingdoms:

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