Epic Changes in 2017

  • Return to Rule of Law
  • Corruption Uncovered
  • Major Govermental Changes

  • Reset to Asset Backed
  • New US Treasury Notes
  • Federal Reserve Diminished

  • Ancient Reserve
  • Redistribution


Monetary Crisis: An ocean of financial madness is poised like a tsunami that can suddenly and drastically effect every economy of the world. Of the dozens of countries that are on the break of economic disaster, one of most serious is the United States of America. The debt of the USA is highlighted by: (1) The Federal Reserve has created $19.9 trillion in debts (American citizens are the collateral - $60,000 per person); (2) The current liabilities of the US government is $125 trillion; (3) The American banking system has $60 trillion in debts, and banksters are now allowed to confiscate depositers funds to pay bank debts.

Crumbling of US Currency Corruption: At the close of WWII the Brent Woods Agreement established the USD as the currency standard of the world. The International Monetary Fund was created to regulate the value of all currencies (changes require 85% approval with the USA holding a 17% veto). Militarily weak countries, such as Saudi Arabia, aligned with the USA on the standard of "dollars only" for oil in exchange for guarantees of military protection.

So, for decades now oil can only be bought with US Dollars. The countries of the world have had to trade goods for "paper Dollars" in order to purchase oil. This is how the cabal of corruption in the banking system held the world hostage. Several countries that have tried to sell oil for gold or other currency have in turn been labelled extremist in some fashion, and their economies destroyed. Often terror groups and even rumors of WMD have been promoted to assure compliance with "US Dollar Rules."

However, the US Petro Dollar no longer holds a monopoly in the Middle East oil industry, losing its 50-year dominance. Even close ally Saudi Arabia now trades oil for other currencies. This coupled with the AII bank, BRICS new international banking system, is breaking the dominance of the US currency.

This sets the stage for either a global reset or financial chaos.

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